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Speed Painting : Elvis

Kaiser Chiefs - "Art Attack" style collage

Video for single "Record Collection" performance with Ged Bryan, creating 

a large scale reproduction of album cover with "found" objects

Speed Painting : some TV appearances

Pavement Drawing : PALACE album launch

Created in 8 hours on the streets of Shoreditch to promote new album "Life After"

Speed Painting : Alfa Romeo car launch

Performance and voice over : Newcastle City Centre

Sand Drawing : Blackpool beach publicity stunt

Created with Ged Bryan in collaboration as "Here and Gone"

promoting Slightly Fat Features variety show

TV NZ1 : Seven Sharp : short feature while performing at

Christchurch Bread & Circus Festival

Carpet tile mosaic : Wayne Rooney

with Ged Bryan in collaboration as "Here and Gone" promotional idea

The International Man of Artistry

Speed Painting & Clowning : Street & Festival show performed around the World

Speed Painting : Bowie

WORKS : by HaywoodHix

 a chain reaction contraption outdoors show - made with artist Mark haywood

Chain Reaction Contraption Making

the resut of a workshop of making with Eric (age 10)

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